Your e-Commerce is a sum of moving parts. From the content management system to internal and external notifications and third-party integrations, your website has to perform like a clock. Your site needs to be easy to use, esay to maintain and more importantly, easy to grow.

Our goal is to provide our 15 years of expertise on bulding e-commerce website to our clients.

Support & Maintenance

Our Premier Support and Maintenance services include:

  • Consultation and training
  • Magento code audit and rescue
  • Upgrade to the current version
  • Site monitoring and outage resolution

Most projects come to us loaded with extra features that hike up the project costs and extend the deadlines. We’re really good at connecting features to business goals and reshaping the ideas into something clean and concise.

We utilize lean development principles to promote launching products sooner and often times with less.
Not only is this easier on your wallet, but it allows us to utilize user feedback to continually adjust and enhance your product based on real data and not assumptions.

This is especially important for new startups and new online storefronts. We don’t want to drag out projects by nit-picking at trivial details and unnecessary functionality. By getting to market before your competition, you can save money and also validate your underlying assumptions faster.

The key component of implementing lean principles is creating a continual cycle of efficiency, testing and adjusting based on real results. While lean principles guide our approach to building new products, we understand that not everyone needs a crazy simple solution. Lean principles can be applied to any business or application: big or small, new or established.

This all sounds awesome… Now what?

We want to learn a little bit more about you and for you to get to know us. After that, we’ll put together a plan to achieve your business and project goals. Don’t worry, our team will work with you every step of the way.

Contact us and talk about your project.